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G.N. Flerov is portrayed on a postage stamp

A stamp named “The 100th anniversary of the birth of the nuclear physicist G.N. Flerov (1913 – 1990)” came out in current use on 21 January 2013. The stamp represents the portrait of G.N. Flerov and the 114th element of the Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements, named Flerovium in honor of the scientist G.N. Flerov. The first day envelope and the first day postmark were issued conjointly with the stamp. A commemorative cancellation of the first day envelopes was held in the post office Dubna-1 the same day. It was attended by Director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Professor S.N. Dmitriev, Deputy Mayor of Dubna A.E. Klubnikin, Chief Engineer of the Dmitrov post office Yu.M. Kuklev. Representatives of the scientific community of Dubna, the city administration, the federal postal service spoke about the high merit of the scientist, the reminiscence of whom  is now embodied in 450 thousands of stamps. During an interview given to journalists Sergei Dmitriev noted that at JINR and the Russian Academy of Sciences, at a number of scientific centers of the JINR member states there will be events dedicated to the anniversary of Academician G.N. Flerov. The main celebrations in Dubna are scheduled for May, and the release of the new postage stamp actually means the beginning of the commemoration events dedicated to the founder of the laboratory that bears his name.