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Japanese scientists and businessmen visit JINR

A delegation of scientists and businessmen from Japan visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research on 13 February 2013. Executive Director of the Fukuoka Prefecture Office of the Organization "Opora Russia" Mr. Toshio Shibata headed the Japanese delegation. Development assistance to small and medium business is one of the major fields of activity of "Opora Russia".

Scientists included in the delegation (doctors and specialists in the fields of medical technology) showed, first of all, interest in achievements and activities of the JINR Laboratory of Radiation Biology, where they were welcomed by LRB Director E.A. Krasavin, as well as in activity of JINR Medical and Technical Complex, where they were received by Head of Phasotron Department G.V. Mitsin.

Director of the Centre for Advanced Medical Innovation of the Kyushu University Hashizume Makoto was interested in developments of JINR radiobiologists in deciphering of molecular mechanisms of radiobiological effects of accelerated heavy ions, as well as practical advances in proton therapy of tumors, pursued in the JINR MTC.

Milestones of the visit were totaled at a meeting in the JINR Directorate. The Japanese guests were welcomed by JINR Chief Scientific Secretary N.A.Russakovich, Head of the Human Resources and Innovation Development Office A.V. Ruzaev, Head of the JINR International Cooperation Department D.V. Kamanin. The Japanese guests spoke about some unique developments implemented in Japan, trends in development of medical science and health care and educational programmes of the Japan International Cooperation Center. Mr. Toshio Shibata elucidated that of all the areas of scientific and technical contacts between Japan and Russia medical direction is the least developed; he expressed confidence that this visit of the Japanese delegation will contribute to further development of relations between Japanese and Russian scientists and doctors, so that contact with the JINR will undoubtedly contribute to this process.