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May Each Day Be the 8th March!

I heartily congratulate all female staff members of our Institute, the University "Dubna", scientific and educational institutions of Dubna and all women of Dubna on the International Women's Day March 8.

No wonder that we celebrate this day in spring. This holiday is associated with the arrival of spring and the birth of new life. Women elevate us, men, make invaluable contribution to the establishment and development of scientific, educational and innovative programmes, enhancing international scientific and technical relations, establishing a remarkable atmosphere of creative work. I am, like all men of our Institute, pleased to express my cordial gratitude in these first days of spring to all of you, dear women, for your inspired, conscientious labour for the benefit of JINR and the city. May the 8th March never end for you, our dear and respected women, and day after day, year after year, we will never stop to please and surprise you, to give you warmth and our love!

I wish you, dear women, good health, joy, prosperity, spring mood!

Academician Viktor Matveev, Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research