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Their names are in the history of science. The second edition of the book about N.N. Govorun

A presentation of the second edition of the book “Nikolai Nikolayevich Govorun” dedicated to that outstanding scientist, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director (1966-1988) and Director (1988-1989) of the JINR Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation (the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) at present) was held on 11 April 2013 in the Conference hall of the Laboratory of Information Technologies.

JINR Scientific Leader Vladimir Georgievich Kadyshevsky and the widow of the scientist Raisa Dmitrievna Govorun opened a seminar devoted to the presentation of the book. Children and grandchildren of Nikolai Nikolayevich attended the seminar as well. Friends, pupils and colleagues, who attended the seminar made their presentations about the life, work and personality of the outstanding scientist. At the end of the presentation the recently opened memorial seminar room of N.N.Govorun was presented to LIT staff members and guests of the laboratory.