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A regular meeting of the joint scientific seminar CMS-RDMS

A regular meeting of the joint scientific seminar “Physics on the Large Hadron Collider” which is organized by the RDMS CMS collaboration of Russian institutes and JINR Member States that take part in the LHC experiment Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) will be held on 17 April 2013, at 15.00 pm (Moscow time) in the Conference Hall of the RAS Institute for Nuclear Research in Moscow at avenue 60-letiya Oktyabrya 7-A.

Speaker: Professor V.B. Gavrilov (ITEP, Moscow) "Properties of a Higgs boson and  searching for physics beyond the Standard Model"

You can also participate in the meeting, ask questions and take part in discussions via video conference system points at INR ("Pitomnik", Moscow), JINR (UC JINR, Dubna), LPI (Moscow), PNPI (Gatchina), CERN (354-1-А019 - Meyrin Centre), TSU (Tomsk), ASU (Barnaul), KSU (Kemerovo), OSU (Omsk), NSTU (Novosibirsk), YSU (Yaroslavl).

Detailed information about the seminar: http://rdms.jinr.ru/section.aspx?id=37.

The seminar webcast will be available without special equipment at http://rdms.jinr.ru/webcast.

A video stream of the seminar will be provided by the Tomsk State University.