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A visit of JINR Director to Fermilab

An official visit of JINR Director V.A. Matveev to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab, USA) at the invitation of the Fermilab Directorate was held on 22-24 April 2013. JINR Director was welcomed by Fermilab Director P. Odonne, Fermilab Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim, Associate Laboratory Director for Accelerators S. Henderson, DOE's Fermilab Site Office manager M. Weis and deputy manager of DOE's Fermilab Site Office M. Bollinger, Associate Laboratory Director for Particle Physics G. Bock and Assistant Fermilab Director R. Rubinstein. An exchange of views of a status of new prospects of JINR and Fermilab long-standing cooperation was held on the first day of the visit. P. Odonne presented a programme of development of this major US scientific center in the fields of high energy physics. V.A. Matveev presented a programme of development of JINR in accordance with the approved JINR Seven-Year Development Plan and prospects of implementation of the international mega-science project NICA in Dubna with the special support of the Russian Government and other concerned countries. At the end of the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding between JINR and Fermilab, which provides scientific cooperation of the two scientific centers in implementation of the perspective Project X Fermilab was signed. The Memorandum also provides JINR-Fermilab cooperation in implementation of the NICA project and joint participation in a programme concerned with a project of the International Linear Collider (ILC).

V.A. Matveev held fruitful and mutually advantageous meetings with leaders of experiments and new Fermilab projects, in which JINR has already taken and plans to take an active part, with the heads of science departments and leading scientists of Fermilab.

During his visit, JINR Director met with scientists and experts from Russia, now working in Fermilab, as well as with a JINR group, which is performing work and research on joint plans with Fermilab.

JINR Director had an opportunity to get acquainted with an experimental facility in the frames of its preparation for the Project X, the ILC collider complex and the experiment Mu2e.

Following the results of all the meetings, negotiations and discussions an exchange of opinions between P. Odonne and V.A. Matveev was held on 24 April; the sides appreciated this three-day round in the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory as highly successful and fruitful, facilitating a new level of scientific cooperation  between JINR and Fermilab.

JINR Director Advisor G.A.Kozlov attended the meetings in Fermilab.