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At an extended meeting of the JINR Directorate

A regular extended meeting of the JINR Directorate was held on 4 July 2013. JINR Director RAS Academician V.A. Matveev spoke about reformation of RAS in his introductory speech, he emphasized that our international scientific organization has to be more active in achievement of new significant results.

JINR Vice-Directors M.G. Itkis and R. Lednický reported about milestones of the June Programme Advisory Committees. The PACs were held under the scheduled programmes. Reports were made at a high level. Terms of a number of existing scientific themes were extended; new themes were approved and recommended for adoption by the JINR Scientific Council. Stable operation of the IBR-2M reactor with the cryogenic decelerator and also the results of work which was made in FLNR in the frames of the JINR Seven-Year Plan were especially noted. Special attention was attended to the NICA/MPD project. Members of all PACs emphasized in their reports that most important projects of the JINR Seven-Year Plan have to be completed, despite of a necessity of additional financing of a part of a technical and scientific programme.

V.V. Katrasev reported about implementation of a plan of the JINR activities for in the first half of 2013 (analysis of the financial situation). He noted that implementation of the JINR budget averaged 50 percent, but at laboratories this figure diverges, and not all JINR member states have met their financial obligations. In addition to the report V.A. Matveev noted that at the present stage a system of monitoring of expenses and correction of funds is necessary.

N.A. Russakovich, V.V. Korenkov, M.V. Bashashin reported about effectiveness and efficiency of works due to installation of the 1С.8.2 platform. All of the reports voiced concern that work is very complicated and hard, but the main part will be completed this year.

V.V. Korenkov reported on status of establishment of the Tier-1 complex according to the Russia-CERN agreement. The project is completed and tested, all arrangements were done, and the complex will be launched by the end of the year.

V.A. Matveev and N.A. Russakovich spoke about preparation of an agenda of the September meeting of the JINR Scientific Council.

In addition to the agenda of the meeting D.V. Shirkov raised a question of maintenance of a societal memory of the JINR founders and its outstanding scientists.

D.V. Kekelidze, S.N. Dmitriev, A.V. Ruzaev, S.Z. Pakulyak, T.B. Naumenko, V.P.Nikolaev, D.V.Shirkov and others spoke in debate on the agenda of the meeting.