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Euroschool on Exotic Beams

An annual Euroschool on Exotic Beams will be held on 25 August - 1 September 2013 in the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions in Dubna. You can getacquainted with the programme of the School here.

The School is intended for PhD students and young postdoctoral scholars who start working in areas related to exotic nuclei. The studies traditionally consist of several lecture courses, practical courses, and visits to laboratories. The lectures are given by specialists in the field, starting from a basic level.

The School is an annual event that was initially funded by the EU and started off based at Leuven, Belgium, in 1993 (this year we celebrate its 20th anniversary!). The idea was to bring together leading and youngest scientists in a specific field. Since 2000, the School has travelled all over Europe. Each year the Euroschool on Exotic Beams attracts about 60 students all over the world. This year it is organized in Dubna, Russian Federation.