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UC: The third stage of the International student practice

The third stage of the International student practice for students from the Republic of South Africa will be held on 9 – 29 September 2013 at the JINR University Centre.

International students’ practice was organized for the first time in 2004 on the initiative of the JINR University Centre, MEPhI, MIPT, Polish institutes and the Czech Technical University. Since that time students from the JINR Member States and countries that signed agreements with JINR on the governmental level have regularly come to Dubna. Since 2008 the Practice has included three stages; that is done to receive the maximum number of students and postgraduates: students from Egypt came to participate in the Practice in May 2013, the Practice for students from European countries is organized in July 2013, and for students from RSA - in September 2013. 23 students participated in the first practice in 2004, and 136 students participated in the practice of 2011.

A programme of the practice course includes introductory lectures on research fields of JINR laboratories, principal time of the Practice will be devoted to studies of research projects at JINR Laboratories which will be supervised by specialists of JINR laboratories.

The UC website contains regularly replenished data base of study research projects. Participants choose several projects when they register for the Practice.

Students will present reports-presentation on results of accomplished projects at the end of the practice.