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A Japanese "satellite" of Dubna's conference

The 1st International Symposium on Computational Materials and Biological Sciences was held on 10-12 September 2013 in Waseda University, Japan.

This scientific forum was planned as a Japanese version of the Japan-Russia International Workshop MSSMBS “Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences” which was held in 2012 in JINR for the 5th time (the first MSSMBS workshop was held on the base of JINR in 2004).

A delegation of scientists from Russia consisting of ten people participated in symposium of that kind in the fields of computer molecular calculations (three scientists headed by Head of LRB Sector “Molecular Dynamics” Professor Kh.T. Kholmurodov were from JINR; five scientists headed by Dr. I. Kovalenko represented the MSU Biological Faculty (the Biophysics Chair); two scientists headed by IBC Deputy Director Professor R.G. Efremov were from the RAS Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (IBC)).

The ISCMBS symposium has appeared to provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the latest development and exchange technical ideas in the field of computational materials and biological sciences.

Especially, as organizers were planning, the 1st ISCMBS would promote to establish the very close cooperation between young researchers that help to strengthen the future scientific cooperation between Russia and Japan. In the framework of the ISCMBS a lot of the interesting talks were presented by leading and young Russian and Japanese scientists covering the following topics: the development of high performance computers and new theoretical methods; computational methods in in modern materials and biological sciences, and so on.

This symposium was mainly focused on the computational methods as molecular dynamics simulations, first-principles calculations, novel MD methods (DFT, QM/MM, hybrid), etc.

In the future aspects, such high level Japan-Russia conferences as ISCMBS&MSSMBS are supposed to be held on basis of two platforms, Russia@Japan, thereby serving as an example of rapid informational and technological exchanges in our rather fast changing world of creation of new materails, new drugs and new scientific-educational tools.