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CBM collaboration Workshop in Dubna

The 22nd CBM collaboration Workshop was held in Dubna on 23-27 September 2013. Such workshops are held twice a year from 2003 alternately in Germany and CBM member states. It was the second time when CMB collaborators came to Dubna; 140 participants from JINR, from institutes of Russia, Germany, Romania, India, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, China and the Czech Republic came this time to Dubna. The Workshop was held with the support of JINR, the BMBF fund (Germany) and RFBR.

Participants of the CBM collaboration develop the facility FAIR for research at antiproton and heavy Ion accelerator complex which is being developed in Darmstadt. CBM physics programme is aimed at comprehensive study of new properties of super-dense baryonic matter which is reached in nucleus-nucleus collisions in the beam energy 2-45 GeV/c.

The Workshop is important in the view of JINR activities on the NICA project, as the research programmes are complementary. Development of a number of detectors for the CBM experiment will be used for the MPD facility at the accelerator complex NICA. The same applies to activities related to software development of the experiment and its physics program.

Elections of the CBM Spokesman were held at a meeting of the Board of collaboration. Professor Peter Senger (GSI) was elected once again for the next term.

At present, all groups of the collaboration are in the final stages of preparation and delivery of technical projects of separate units of the CBM facility to FAIR expert advice. Some of these projects (the STS detector system and the superconducting dipole magnet which are developed with the active JINR participation) have successfully passed such test and the staff members are busy working on elimination of defects and preparation of technical specifications. Eleven technical projects in total have to be prepared. One more project on computing is also under development. JINR scientists actively participate in this project; they have already defended three Candidate theses based on materials of their accomplished studies.

Co-Chairman of the Workshop V.V. Ivanov