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The memorial plaque for Academician A.N. Sissakian was opened in Dubna

On 14 October 2013, the memorial plaque in honor of Academician Alexey Sissakian was opened on the day of his birth in the JINR Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. Earlier one of new streets at the site of nuclear physics and nanotechnologies of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” was named after JINR Director, who untimely passed away in 2010.

– Alex Norairovich was one of those rare people who led the Bogolubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics as well as our Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. There is much that is associated with him in the laboratory and in the Institute - said JINR Director Academician Viktor Matveev at the opening ceremony of the memorial plaque. - And today we have an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of this great man, the scientist, our close colleague and friend.

The memorial plaque which was opened near the entrance of the office of Alexei Sissakian in BLTP – it is rather modest: a small room with a desk, computers, magazines, books, and computer chair – the minimum necessary for work of a theoretical physicist. After the ceremonial opening, colleagues observed a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the scientist and science organizer, shared their memories and assessments of his activities which, despite the short period of stay of A.N. Sissakian as JINR Director (he only had time to begin his second four-year term of office as JINR Director) were very fruitful.

– Alexei Sissakian gave the passionate impulse to development of JINR and Dubna – said Academician Viktor Matveev in his comments to the press. – The JINR Seven-Year Development Plan for 2010-2016 which was approved by the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the JINR Member States was developed under his guidance. Its successful implementation is a very difficult task, but we have to solve it, because it will provide, as Alexei Norairovich conceived and dreamed, the future development of our institute and maintain its leading position in the areas of fundamental physics, where JINR scientists have always been traditionally strong. This will allow us to maintain the Institute attractive for JINR Member States and for young people, without who, of course, neither development nor progress in fundamental physics is possible.
In the office of Alexei Sissakian in JINR Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, in center (from left to right): JINR Chief Scientific Secretary Professor N.A. Russakovich, JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev, JINR Scientific Leader Academician V.G.Kadyshevsky, VBLHEP Director Professor V.D. Kekelidze

– BLTP is called one of the largest institutions of theoretical physics in the world. How fair is this assessment?

– The laboratory really is the largest theoretical institute, and not only on the number of theoretical physicists in its staff. If we trace in detail the history of discoveries by the staff of this laboratory, we have to recognize that many of these results form the basis of what is now called the Standard Model of elementary particles. Now all the attention is drawn to the decision of the Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Prize to two theorists who formulated the mechanism through which all the "tree" of the Standard Model becomes harmonic and consistent. But here is a huge influence and a huge contribution of theorists from our laboratory, as well. Suffice it to recall the scientific works of Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolubov on the theory of spontaneous symmetry breaking in condensed matter. Such a great physicist, as Abdus Salam, often publicly recognized (and actively promoted in the world) that it was Academician Bogolubov who contributed to transferring of concepts, ideas and methods of spontaneous symmetry breaking in condensed matter to elementary particle physics and quantum field theory. This development did initiate the modern theory of electroweak interaction. A number of other fundamental results which are the base of the modern tree of the Standard Model could be noted. Therefore, JINR Laboratory of Theoretical Physics is indeed the largest institute not only by the number of employees, but also by the unique results. They may not always have been awarded Nobel Prizes, but those scientists in the world who understand it, give tribute to this.