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RF Prime Minister supported the project of the NICA collider in Dubna

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev promised to support the project of the heavy-ion collider NICA, which is created in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna during his visit to the Institute of Plasma Physics in the Chinese city of Hefei. One of the leaders of this project Deputy Director of the JINR Laboratory of High Energy Physics Grigory Trubnikov participated in this meeting in the Institute of Plasma Physics.
At the photo: Grigory Trubnikov at the meeting with Russian Prime Minister in the Institute of Plasma Physics in Hefei (China). Photo from the web site of RIA "Novosti"

The Russian Information Agency "Novosti" reported on 23 October 2013 on the support promised by Russian Prime Minister to the Mega-Science project, which is implemented in Dubna.

As the agency informs, at the Research Institute of Plasma Physics in Hefei, head of the Russian government was shown the superconducting tokamak "EAST" in the Institute of Plasma Physics. President of the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" RAS Academician Eugeny Velikhov, Deputy Director of JINR VBLHEP RAS Corresponding Member Grigory Trubnikov and Deputy Director-General of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pro-rector of the University of Science and Technology of China Li Jiangang spoke about work of the tokamak.

The winner of 2010 of the Russian Government Prize in the field of science and technology for development of a new generation of heavy-ion accelerators for relativistic nuclear physics and innovative nuclear energy technologies Grigory Trubnikov  addressed Prime Minister asking for political support for the Mega-Science project — the accelerator complex NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider), which is developed in Dubna on the basis of the modernized nuclotron which is the first superconducting accelerator of high energy heavy ions in Europe.

It is worth reminding that the main objective of the project of the NICA collider with the Multi-Purpose Detector MPD is to study transition of nuclear matter to quark-gluon plasma and the mixed phase of these states, that can provide information about the early stages of evolution of the Universe: the theory of its origin in the Big Bang suggests that it is quark- gluon plasma, which arose and existed a few millionths of a second after the explosion, has become the building blocks of the modern world. In addition, the new accelerator complex will lead innovative developments in various fields.

As  RIA "Novosti" noted in the report, Chinese institutions cooperate with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the frames of  the NICA project. A new joint research programme China-Russia-JINR in the field of cryogenics and new superconducting materials and magnetic elements for implementation of the Mega-Science projects "NICA Complex" and EAST is proposed to be opened.

D.A. Medvedev, according to the information of the Russian information agency, promised to support the NICA project and gave relevant instructions to the Government and "Rosatom".

Full text of the report: http://ria.ru/science/20131023/971996452.html