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Jubilees. The University «Dubna» celebrates its 20th anniversary!

On 27 September 1994, the University for Nature, Society and Man «Dubna» was established on the base of the former military school in Alexandrovka. Twenty years ago, the first 115 students and teachers marched through the city streets in unusual back then robes – caps and gowns. But now it has become a traditional celebration of initiation, and every year more and more students from different cities of Russia take part in it. Figures of the University «Dubna» today are as follows: 4 faculties, 26 graduate and 5 educational chairs, 35 specialities and educational directions, 4000 students, with branches in Dmitrov, Dzerzhinsk, Kotelniki and Protvino.

On 3 October, a ceremonial meeting to which were invited all those who put their strength and skill in establishment of the University - the representatives of the city administration, JINR, Moscow State University, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Moscow Region Government, which extends its patronage to the University today. Awarding and congratulations were alternated with slides, images of historical milestones in the development of the University. The presenters spoke about how the University had been growing and developing, who had helped in its formation.

Rector of the University «Dubna» D.V. Fursaev, JINR Deputy Chief Scientific Secretary D.V. Kamanin and JINR Vice-Director G.V. Trubnikov

Galina Myalkovskaya (JINR weekly newspaper "Dubna: science, community, progress")