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Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
The Laboratory of Information Technologies
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The Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) (former by the Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation) was organized in August, 1966 by the decision of the XX Session of the JINR Scientific Council on the basis of the JINR’s Computer Center, departments and groups of automation and processing of experimental data of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems and the Laboratory of High Energies.
The main directions of the activity of the Laboratory of Information Technologies are related to the provision with network, computing and information resources as well as with mathematical support of experimental and theoretical studies underway at JINR in the fields of elementary particle physics and nuclear physics.
Nowadays the throughput of the external computer communication link JINR-Moscow is 20 Gbps. The Gigabit data link and the Gigabit Backbone of the Institute’s Local Area Network are components of the effective research work of JINR and its participating countries at this stage of the development of information technologies.
The total installed computing power at the LIT JINR Central Information and Computing Complex (CICC) is 2300 kSI2K. The JINR‘s CICC functions as an integral part of the global Grid infrastructure.
The Laboratory is involved in the following Grid projects: WLCG - Worldwide LHC Computing GRID, EGEE - Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, RDIG - Russian Grid for intensive operations with data, "Dubna-Grid" - creation of a city-scale Grid infrastructure, SKIF-GRID.
Alongside with the mentioned activities, LIT specialists develop methods of numerical simulation of nuclear processes, computations of electromagnetic fields in large scale facilities, modern methods of experimental data analysis, image processing, etc.
The Laboratory of Information Technologies has close scientific cooperation with CERN and research centres of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czechia, Sweden and South Africa.
Partners of the Laboratory in solving the tasks of network support are ROSNIIROS, RSCC, SCC "Dubna", TC "Shabolovka", RUHEP, Intergovernmental Supercomputer Center (ISC), Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute».
Much attention is paid to the training of specialists in the field of information technologies. Two Chairs of the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics work on LIT basis, students of the University "Dubna" and other higher education institutions of the JINR Member States do their practical work at LIT.
LIT regularly hosts international conferences and workshops on information and Grid-technologies, mathematical methods of modelling physical processes and analysis of experimental data, computer algebra and quantum computing.
Postal address:
LIT JINR, 141980 Dubna,:
Moscow region, Russia:
Phone: (7-49621) 62-308:
Telefax: (7-49621) 65-145:
E-mail: rem@jinr.ru