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Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Mikhail G. ItkisMikhail G. Itkis, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor.

Date and place of birth:

7 December 1942, Taldy Kurgan Region, Kazakhstan, USSR


1961–1966 Moscow State University
1974 Candidate of Science (Phys. and Math.)
1985 Doctor of Science (Phys. and Math.)
1988 Professor

Professional career:

1967–1992 Institute of Nuclear Physics (Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences); engineer, Senior Scientist, Head of scientific department
1993–1996 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Deputy Director
1997–2007 Director, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR
January–March 2006 Acting Vice-Director of JINR
2006–2010 Vice-Director of JINR
7 May 2010 – September 2011 JINR Director at interim
Since September 2011 Vice-Director of JINR

Research interests:

Heavy and superheavy nucleus research. Synthesis of new heaviest elements. Electromagnetic and chemical separation of products of nuclear reactions. Measurements of production cross sections and decay properties of heavy nuclei. The influence of nuclear shells on the stability of heavy nuclei. Spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei. Fission modes. Fission from the isomeric state of a nucleus (spin and shape isomers). Spontaneous emission of clusters. Beta-delayed fi ssion of neutron-defi cient isotopes. Fission and quasi-fi ssion of exotic nuclei. Mass and energy spectra, angular distributions of fragments

Scientific publications:

Author of more than 250 papers

Prizes, honorary titles:

Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology 2010, for the discovery of a new field of stability of superheavy elements (in collaboration with Academician Yu. Oganessian)
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