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Chief Engineer of the Joint Institutre for Nuclear Research

Grigorii D. ShirkovGrigorii D. Shirkov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, RAS Corresponding Member.

Date and place of birth:

11 August 1952, Sarov, Nizhni Novgorod Region, USSR


1969–1971 Faculty of Physics, Novosibirsk State University
1971–1976 Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Academic degrees:

1982 Candidate of Physics and Mathematics («Ion Accumulation in Electron Rings of a Collective Accelerator»)
1993 Doctor of Physics and Mathematics («Theory of Ion Accumulation in Multicharged Ion Sources»)
2003 RAS Corresponding Member, Nuclear Physics section

Professional career:

1976–2002 Junior Scientist, Researcher, Senior Scientist, Head of sector, Head of the Scientific-Experimental Department of Accelerator Systems, the Laboratory of Particle Physics (LPP), JINR
1976–1986 Design and development of a JINR heavy ion collective accelerator
1987–1992 Co-leader of the reconstruction project of the JINR heavy ion collective accelerator into a source of multicharged ions — the ring ionizer ERIS
1993–1995 Research at CERN
1999–2001 Leader of the ISTC project «Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Accumulation and Production of Multicharged Ions in Ion Sources»
Since 2001 Co-leader of the project of the Dubna electron synchrotron DELSY
Since 2003 JINR Chief Engineer
Since 2005 Leader of the ILC project at JINR, Member of the ILC International Coordinating Committee (Global Design Effort Committee)
Since 2005 Leader of design and development of accelerators at JINR for hadron therapy in collaboration with IBA (Belgium)

Scientific-organizational activities:

Member of the Organizing Committees of large international conferences and schools for young scientists. Vice-Chairman of the RAS Scientific Council on accelerators of charged particles

Educational activities:

1988–1992 Senior lecturer, Chair of Physics, Volga Higher Military Construction Technical College
Since 1997 Professor, SAM Chair, the International University of Nature, Society and Man «Dubna»
Since 2003 Professor, Chair of Electronics for Physics Facilities, MIREA
Since 2007 Chairman of the State Examination Board of the International University of Nature, Society and Man «Dubna». Supervision of graduation and other theses

Research interests:

Theory and numerical simulation of multicharged ion sources, processes of production and accumulation of multicharged ions in electron beams and hot plasma, dynamics and transportation of multi-component beams of charged particles

Scientific publications:

Author and co-author of more than 250 scientific papers, including a monograph

Prizes, honorary titles:

1987 Laureate of the Award for young scientists of the Moscow Region
2011 Medal of Rosatom «Academician Kurchatov»
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