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Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

Valery Nickolaevich ShvetsovValery Nickolaevich Shvetsov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

Date and place of birth:

February 4, 1963, Stavropol region, USSR


1980–1986 Physics Department of Moscow State University. Graduated with honors
1996 Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (“Development of the Pulsed Ultracold Neutrons (UCN) Source and Perspectives of its Application”)

Professional career:

1986–1987 probationer, Nuclear Physics Dept., JINR Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
1987–1994 Junior Researcher, FLNP JINR
1994–1999 Acting Head of Department of Nuclear Physics, FLNP JINR
1999–2001 Head of Department of Nuclear Physics, FLNP JINR
2001–2013 Deputy Director, FLNP JINR
Since 2013 Director, FLNP JINR

Scientific-organizational activities:

Since 1994 Supervisor of the Dept. scientific seminar
1992–2002 Scientific secretary of the annual International Seminar on Interaction of Neutrons with Nuclei (ISINN)
Since 2002 Co-chairman of ISSIN
Since 1997 Supervisor of the FLNP collaboration with Republic of Korea scientific centers in the field of neutron nuclear physics
2003–2006 FLNP, JINR: ISTC project manager (project is targeted on creation of the prototype Accelerator Driven System for nuclear waste transmutation)
2005–2010 Head of the IREN project for construction of the electron accelerator based resonance neutron source

Teaching activities:

Since 2010 Invited professor at the Pohang Science and Technology University (POSTECH), Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering.

Research interests:

Neutron Nuclear physics, nuclear data, neutron and gamma detectors for spacecrafts, nuclear waste management, nuclear data for science and technology.


Author and co-author of 132 papers (55 in refereed journals).

Awards and honors:

Honorable Diploma of JINR for many years fruitful activity (1996); NASA's Group Achievement Award within The LRO Team (2010);Medal of the Order “For the Service for Homeland”, Second class (2012).


2003–2006 ISTC grant №2267 “Construction of a Sub-critical Assembly Driven by a Proton Accelerator at Proton Energy 660 MeV for Experiments on Transmutation of Minor Actinides and Long Lived Fission Products: (Phase I: Design, Design Documentation and Safety Substantiation)”.
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