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Forum on Development of Cooperation between JINR and Czech Academic and Scientific Institutions
14-19 September 2015

There has been a wide and fruitful traditional cooperation between the leading Czech research institutes and universities (e.g. Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Technical University and Charles University in Prague) and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research since decades. The goal of the Forum is to engage other academic and scientific institutions of the Czech Republic in the joint research projects carried out at Dubna as well as to initiate more projects focused on technological innovations and advanced systems, including development of nuclear electronics, design and construction of accelerators and semiconductor detectors, special measurement tools, automation, information technology, and programming based on special platforms. In order to launch new research projects, an excursion of management of physics, technology, chemistry and biology departments to JINR is organized within the Forum. As a result, new opportunities can be provided not only for traditional departments but also for universities and institutes that have not yet been involved into a wider collaboration with JINR.


14.09, Tuesday
 Arrival of the participants

15.09, Monday
10.00 SC Opening session of the Forum
14.00 LHE Excursion to the Veksler-Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics
19.00 SC Welcome party

16.09, Wednesday
09.00 LNP Excursion to Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
13.00 LNR Excursion to Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
16.00 DLNP Excursion to Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
19.00 SC Meeting with Czech scientists and doctoral students working at JINR

17.09, Thursday
09.00 Zone Excursion to Special Economic Zone Dubna
13.00 Labs Parallel excursions to Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Laboratory of Radiation Biology, Laboratory of Information Technologies
15.30 UC Excursion to University Center
16.00 UC Concluding session of the Forum
18.00   Social event (sashlyk)

18.09, Friday
                    Departure, optional excursion to Moscow




Czech Technical University

Charles University

Brno University of Technology

Masaryk University Czech Republic

Mendel University in Brno

University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

University of Defence

Palacký University Olomouc



SC – Scientist’s Club
LHE – Veksler-Baldin Laboratory for High Energy Physics
LNP – Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
LNR – Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
DLNP – Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
Zone – Special Economic Zone Dubna
UC – University Center

Supported by JINR-60